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Return & Replacement Policy

Before returning or replacing an item, please read through our return and replacement related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this page, to make sure your purchased item is eligible for return.

What is the procedure to return a product?

You have 3 calendar days after item delivery, to notify us that you want to return your product. If your item meets all the requirements, your return can be initiated by calling our Customer Service at 01404067645.

How much time do you have to return a product?

Items sold on Zehetu.com can be returned within a period of 3 calendar days from the delivery date, provided they are eligible for return. For example: If you receive your product on the 10th of any month, you have time until the 13th of that month to contact Hululushop’s Customer Service center. Customer Service agents are available from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, 7 days a week (except on national holidays e.g Eid).

How do I request for a return ?

Option 1: Communicating with us by Facebook page or Zehetu website.
Option 2: By calling Zehetu Customer Service on +01567846980
Option 3: Directly drop off the product at the office premises or by post by any Courier Service.

What are the conditions for returning a product?

If you have bought any product from us, and want to return it, please refer to the requirements stated in the charts below to know the conditions for returning your product whether it is an electronic product or a fashion & lifestyle item.

How to make a product return & what do I need?

Contact Customer Service at support.hulushop@gmail.com or 01567846980 to confirm that your product is eligible for return. We will explain to you the return procedure, and arrange a pick-up. Please be prepared to give the following information when you call Customer Service:
1. Your order number.
2. The reason for the return.
3. The original copy of the Customer Copy of the Invoice
4. The method of the return/replacement that you would prefer and the necessary information associated.
5. Where and when the product should be picked-up.